Personal info

Name: Julie Haelemeersch



I live in Ghent and I work in Brussels.


Date of birth:

Well, I won’t give it to you on a plate.

I was born on 1 December of the year in which Elvis died.

Not that hard to figure out, is it?


Education: Licentiate translation studies (Dutch, English, French)



Far too many! But if you really want to know, I work at the internal communication department of the Belgian Post Group.


Favourite activities:

Apart from going to an average of two concerts a week, you mean?

Attending Polish language classes once a week.

Jumping my heart out during my aerobics classes and trying as hard as I can to exhaust my opponent during badminton, two times a week. Oh, I forgot to mention, I also create mosaic mirrors, tables and flower pots, whenever I find the time. And as a result of all this, I neglect my boyfriend far too much!

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